Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monarch Butterfly Video Conference with Texas

We had a fantastic time connecting with Texas yesterday. We are studying the life cycle and migration of the Monarch Butterfly.  There were a lot of amazing facts that were new to us.  Some of the facts that were new to some of us were:

  • While inside the chrysalis the caterpillar turns into goo while changing into a butterfly!
  • Montana's Monarch Butterflies migrate to Southern California while Monarchs from the other side of the Rocky Mountains migrate to Mexico.
  • The migration of Monarchs are in danger due to tree cutting in Mexico.
  • Generation 1-3 of the Monarch Butterfly live for only 30 days while the 4th generation will live up to 8 months.  
  • A male butterfly has brown spots on it's lower part of it's wings.
  • There are actually 5 stages of the life cycle if you include when the caterpillar first hatches.

Amazing information we received yesterday.  We can't wait for our next video conference. 

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