Saturday, February 19, 2011

Working on Our Reading Stamina

All year long we've been working on our reading stamina to become more independent readers.  Our reading class has made a time of 25 minutes of independent reading.  They have practiced reading independently every Wednesday.  We have graphed their minutes of hard work.  They currently read about 25 minutes without talking or getting out of their special spot. They are fully engaged at the time.  As the students read, Mrs. Tincher and I walk around the room and sit in with one student at a time.  When we sit next to them that is their cue to start reading out loud so we can listen in.  This gives us a chance to listen in on their reading and we follow through with comprehension questions before we move on to the next student.  It also gives us a chance to take note on any difficulty the student is having and we can teach to that student accordingly.  Most students look forward to our silent reading Wednesdays.  I know I do.

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